We conduct all types of psychological, organisational behavioral, financial and health related training programs. We initially started with group discussion, interviews and training workshop.These workshops have a positive impact on the participants.We offer various training programs both free and paid like :-


  1. Group discussion and training workshop  We started with group discussion, interviews and training workshop. These activities are helping a lot of students for clearing Entrance Exam as well as to get good job. Our sessions are loaded with video graphics analysis and we train you in all the various types of interviews that you will face in your career.
  2. MILS Entrance Exam
    Maharashtra Institute of Labour Studies. One of the prominent institute of HR management in India. Our founder Sameer Dighe is alumni of this Institute and there is absolutely no guidance available for students appearing of this Institute so from last 5 year we are taking workshop preparation of this Entrance process and we are proud that every year many students of workshop are clearing this Entrance process and many are working in multi national companies on very nice positions.
  3. Film study workshop
    In India, cinema has been taken only as a medium of entertainment but we believe cinema is a latest art form developed by mankind and cinema has visual language and with sound. It gives complete experience of art.We focus on each and every aspect of cinema. We invite dignitaries in which sub fields to guide students who are as peering to understand this art form.
  4. Anchoring Workshop
    Cultural programs were born back in our society. Quality of culture program can be easily viewed by Anchoring in that program. Anchoring is an art in which we require knowledge, listening skill and maturity on how to talk and where not to.We invite dignitaries as of Anchoring and voice culture to guide as peering anchor. Many renowned artists have been speakers at our workshops. You get to learn directly from the professionals who have been in the field for years and have made it big. Interacting with these people will give the participants a great learning opportunity.
  5. Smart Phone Training Workshop Smart Phone training is activity of Sanvedan for digital independence of the elderly.With understanding basics of geriatric psychology principles we conduct our training programs in such a way that even 80 year old grandparent will allso be digitally independents with smart phone.We also provide detailed notes and touch friendly pen to make it easier for the participants to use the smartphone.




  1. Retirement planningRetirement is a big change but it is a transitional phase. It affects us psychologically, financially as well as physically. We conduct free of cost training program on retirement planning of Maharashtra police, Mumbai Port Trust and we are helping to take this workshop for each and every government and private organization.Click here to download our brochure.
  2. Let’s Develop Workshop  Planning is a very important and there is difference between growth and development like jungle and garden. If we want to create garden of our life we need to look at our life from developmental perspective. We are taking this workshop for Maharashtra Police , MIDC and we want to take this for each and every government and private organization absolutely free of cost for new joiner and for those who are on mid-career.Click here to download our brochure.
  3. Health and Wealth Workshop
    It is said that health is wealth but we believe only health without wealth is meaningless and wealth without health is too.We are conducting this workshop for Maharashtra State Electricity Board and we are interested to take this free of cost to each and every government and private organization. This workshop consists of two sessions, one on lifestyle management and other on financial planning and understanding the share market.
  4. Arth Janjagruti workshop
    We started an innovative program with Thane City Police Economic offences wing on financial literacy. We are conducting free of cost awareness program for financial literacy so that people will understand financial offences, Ponzi schemes and how they operate and we want eradicate misconception, regarding mutual fund and share market from masses. We are interested to take this activity forward free of cost and we want to reach every section of  the society.