Sanvedan started as a training firm on 1st May 2012. When our founder Sameer Dighe was graduating from psychology department of Ruia college. Our objective is to change the mindset of the people in our country towards psychological well being and financial planning. We believe that we have got only political independence from Britishers but psychologically our Indian people are in the same colonial mentalities. We are from the collectively Asian culture but we lack in we feeling for our Nation.

We want to change this perspective and many misconceptions regarding psychological well-being and about earning money. We have misconception regarding share market, mutual fund and that negative approach is putting us back on the ground of financial literacy. We have shown political literacy in political election result, we are educationally literate too but are we financially literate ? Do we take our own financial decision? Are we dependent on agents? We want to change this perspective.

It is observed that literature is developed only in financial wealthy atmosphere. We want our Indian society culturally wealthy, that is why we arrange training on understanding cinema , theatrical activities and infotainment videos. We are showing cultural wealth in our infotainment section of Sanvedan. We want to communicate and literate our people but we are going to use medium of entertainment as effective tool to educate our people.